Over the years my photography has ranged from city streets to studio shoots to moorland landscapes, and covered a lot between them too. Most of these photographs were aimed at editorial publications, featuring nationally and internationally, in newspapers, magazines, books and a lot more.

This is work that I continue to do. However, alongside that work I’ve always made a more personal collection of images; work that I consider my art. It is some of that collection that I am now making available here for you.

The work covers a range subject matter and styles. There are landscapes shot in that classic end of the day light, and still life pictures overlaid with textures.

At present the collection is small and many of the areas I will cover are not yet even hinted at. However, there are new images being added every week as I go back through the tens of thousands of photographs that make up my work. Additionally, of course, I am shooting most days.

In addition to my own photographs I have also added a small collection of some of my favourite vintage photographs from a few of the earliest practitioners of the art. Again, a wide range of styles.

Please spend a little time having a look around. It's easy share with friends, and best of all, if there’s an image that’s right for you, everything is available for you to buy as a print.

If you have particular requests or enquiries regarding my prints you are welcome to contact me directly.