A small collection of all my photographs available to buy as framed or unframed prints.

Though small at present, the number of images available will be increasing weekly. I'm making a varied collection both in subject matter and style. Already there are street shots and landmarks, colour and black and white, images that are textured and and others that are subtly toned.

Every photograph is different and demands its own look. Sometimes that look is in my head before the shutter falls. And other times I only know there is a great composition in front of me and I lock it into my camera. Its realisation as a finished artwork though, could be weeks or months away, perhaps longer.
River Trent, Lady Bay, NottinghamshireLast NightThe Memory Of A PlaceMedicine BottleMedicine BottlesVintage Medicine BottlesTwo Medicine BottlesBroadlee Bank TorSnow Approaching, Vale Of EdaleSnow, Kinder ScoutSnow, Approaching Kinder ScoutSnow, Kinder ScoutSnow, Broadlee Bank TorSnow, Vale Of EdaleMoonrise, Mam Tor and Rushup Edge, DerbyshireSnow, Rushup Edge, DerbyshireThe Unwanted #3The Unwanted #2The Unwanted #4The Unwanted: Wax Flower