A small collection of landscapes, mainly from Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It's a broad definition of landscape, taking in skies and rivers, more traditional scenes and abstract views. There's also a broad range of styles.

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Broadlee Bank TorSnow Approaching, Vale Of EdaleSnow, Vale Of EdaleSnow, Broadlee Bank TorSnow, Rushup Edge, DerbyshireCrowden Clough, Kinder ScoutGrindsbrook Clough, Kinder ScoutStream, Kinder Scout #1Stream, Kinder Scout #2Stream, Kinder Scout #3Stream, Kinder Scout #4Stream, Kinder Scout #5Gritstone RockfaceFive Horses, Derbyshire, EnglandStoke Flat And The Longshaw EstateFarm Shed, Derbyshire, EnglandNestled, River TrentNovember SkyIn Suspension, NottinghamFog, River Trent, Nottingham