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About The Prints

A great photograph can really jump out at you when viewed on a screen with its heightened contrast and popping colours. But then you're off, scrolling and swiping for the next sensation. It’s when you hold an art print, or view it framed on your wall, that you start to give yourself time to understand the image in front of you. It’s only when you can give yourself that time to see a great photograph, expertly printed on to a fine quality art paper, that you can fully appreciate the photographer’s vision.

Every one of my fine art prints is printed to an exhibition quality. Each of these art prints is made using an Epson large format printer printing onto Hahnemühle Photo Rag, a 308 gsm textured fine art, archival grade paper.

These prints have a unique painterly quality. Images take on a watercolour-like look, with the paper’s natural texture adding to the overall pleasure of the artwork. Photographs printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag have a matt appearance with deep blacks, bright whites and brighter pastel-like tones.

All my artworks are printed on paper of the same aspect ratio as the original image; some are offered at a variety of paper sizes. The dimensions stated are those of the paper. The printed image will always be about 10% smaller to leave a small border. This will help protect an unframed print when handled, and where a print is to be framed, will help with mounting and framing.

Here is an example of how a print will appear. The orange line represents the edge of the paper. The watermark will not be printed of course. 


About Prints